At Gas & Solar Plumbing Hotline we are experts in solar hot water system installations, repairs and services.

Gas & Solar Plumbing Hotline are now partnering with reputable suppliers in the promotion of electric, gas and solar water heaters for our customers. All of our products are Australian Standards approved and every job comes with a 12 guarantee.

Currently government STC rebates are still available for your home.

Some of the Solar Services we provide:

  • Installations
  • Services & Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • Hot Water System
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Split System
  • Evacuated Tubes
  • Roof Mounted
  • Electric & Gas Boosted
  • Circulated Pumps
  • Solar Controllers & Pump Stations
  • Panel Cleaning
  • Spare Parts
  • Supply
  • And many more..

Looking for more info or want to book a job with us? Call our hotline today and speak with a professional.